HDJF-301 Partial Discharge Test System



HDJF-301 Partial Discharge Test System



Partial discharge test is the main testing item of the insulation of the electric power equipment, and parameters such as partial discharge are important indicators to evaluate the quality of the electric power equipment. Being the new member of the successful PD Test Equipment series, the HDJF-301 PD Test System series is developed according to the latest international and domestic technological progress.

The HDJF-301 uses the worldwide standard Windows operating system and an intuitive control and display panel to allow even inexperienced operators to learn quickly with minimal training. In addition, advanced features such as higher accuracy, auto-mated calibration, data analysis, and customized test recording, are standard. The product also has the full program-controlled automatic calibration, automatic synchronization, automatic voltage recording, automatic measurement & save & playback features.

Support all kinds of parameters in IEC-270 such as the discharge repetition rate n, the average discharge current I. Various display style of the PD wave form such as sine map, dot matrix and so on, making it easier to get the result. New digital filtering and interference suppression combined with a rich and dynamic statistical analysis of patterns.

COMPATIBLE HDJF-301 system, the detection method, measurement loop, technical performance parameters comply with the latest GB7354 and IEC-270 "partial discharge measurement" standards. Applicable to all types of high voltage electrical equipment, partial discharge measurement, covering the full voltage and capacity levels, on behalf of the domestic digital PD instruments of the most advanced technology.


1.Programmable control.

2.Automatic calibration, synchronization, voltage recording, saved measurements, playback.

3.Automatically generated test report.

4.Two-dimensional and three-dimensional diagram display PD.

5.Digital fenestration technology, strong anti-interference ability.

6.Dual -channel measurement and digital differential technology, which can measure 2 sample or 1 sample of two measuring points PD signal,  can be easily analyze source of partial discharge signals.


Measuring channel A, B 2 channels
Measuring sensitivity 0.1pC
Measuring frequency range 3dB width 10kHz-300kHz
Programmable filter gears setting Low end:10,20,40kHz

High end:100,200,300 kHz

Gain dynamic range 120dB
Sampling rate 0.1μs/point for each channel
Sampling accuracy 8 bit±1/2LSB
Synchronous frequency 30,100,150,200,250Hz or any Hz
Calibration impulse generator HTJF-301
Calibration impulse voltage 10V,5V,2V,1V,0.5V,0.2V :six gears available
Calibration capacitor 50pF,200pF :two gears available
Calibration impulse voltage rise time <60ns, pulse width>20μs
Calibration impulse voltage fall time >100μs
Calibration phase angle range 0-360
PD peak value 0-1000pC
Working power AC 220V±10%,50Hz, power<100VA, fuse 0.5A



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