HD-8100C Automatic Transformer Oil Tan Delta Resistivity Tester


HD-8100C Automatic Transformer Oil Tan Delta Resistivity Tester


HD-8100C Automatic Transformer Oil Tan Delta&Resistivity Tester is based on GB/T5654-2007《liquid insulating material of relative permittivity, dielectric loss factor and the DC resistivity measurements》design and manufacture of high precision integrated testing instrument. Mainly used for measuring dielectric loss factor and the DC resistivity of oil liquid and insulating medium, the internal integration of the dielectric loss of oil cup, temperature control instrument, temperature sensor, dielectric loss test bridge, AC test power supply, standard capacitor, high resistance meter, high voltage DC source etc.. The instrument uses advanced measurement and control technology, complete automatic warming, temperature control, high-speed data sampling, operation, display, print and storage process. Advanced measurement principle and high digital technology, make your work more relaxed and convenient.

The instrument adopts digital technology, intelligent automatic measurement, equipped with a large screen color touch screen, full Chinese menu, each step has Chinese tips, test results can be printed, the operator does not need to be skilled in the use of professional training.

2、Instrument characteristics

        1、High automation, heating, measuring dielectric loss, measuring resistivity can be completed once.

        2、The three electrode type structure with an GB/T5654-2007 standard, inter electrode spacing 2mm, can eliminate stray capacitance and leakage effect on the dielectric loss test results.

        3、Instrument using medium frequency induction heating, PID temperature control algorithm. This heating mode has the advantages of non-contact, oil cup and heating body, uniform heating speed, convenient control, the temperature control in temperature within the preset range error.

       4、Using advanced DSP and FFT technology to ensure data stability, accurate and reliable.

       5、Internal standard capacitor for the SF6 charging three pole capacitor, dielectric loss and capacitance of the capacitor is not affected by ambient temperature, humidity, etc., so that the accuracy of the instrument after a long time to use is still guaranteed.

       6、Large screen color touch screen, man-machine dialogue convenient, concise operation, clear.

       7、With the lid off the high voltage, high voltage electrode cup short reminder, eliminate safety hazards, to ensure the normal operation of the safety of operating personnel and equipment.

       8、With real-time clock, test date, time can be saved with the test results, display, print; equipment can display the ambient temperature, real-time detection of the test environment.

       9、Automatic storage measurement data, can store 100 sets of measurement data.

       10、Calibration function of empty electrode cup. The capacitance and dielectric loss factor of the empty electrode cup are measured to judge the cleaning and assembling condition of the empty electrode cup. The calibration data are saved automatically to facilitate the accurate calculation of relative capacitance and DC resistivity.

3、Main technical indexes of products

Measuring range: Capacitance         5pF~200pF

              Relative capacitance     1.000~30.000

              Dielectric loss factor    0.00001~100

DC resistivity        2.5 MΩm~20 TΩm

Measurement accuracy:  Capacitance      ±(1% reading +0.5pF)

Relative capacitance   ± 1%

Dielectric loss factor  ±(1% reading +0.0001)

Direct current resistivity  ± 10% reading

Resolution:       Capacitance          0.01pF

Relative capacity      0.001

Dielectric loss factor    0.00001

Temperature range:  0 ~ 125 C

Temperature measurement error:  + 0.5 C

AC experimental voltage: 500 ~ 2200V continuous adjustable ,frequency 50Hz

DC test voltage: 0 ~ 500V continuous adjustable

Power consumption: 100W

Dimensions: 420mm*380mm*385mm

Total weight: 21Kg

4、the use of conditions

1.Ambient temperature 0~40℃

2.Relative humidity ≤80%

3.Power supply            AC 220V (1±10%)

4.Power supply frequency 50 Hz (1±10%)

5.Power consumption < 200 W



1. When can I get the price?

We usually quote within 6 hours work time after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get price, please call us or tell us in your email so that we will regard your inquiry priority.

2. What about the delivery time for production?

Honestly, it depends on the order quantity and the product. Usually our leading time iswithin 7 working days after order confirmation.

3. What is your payment terms?

We accept EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU, ect. You can choose the one which is the most convenient and cost effective for you.

4. How much will the Shipping cost and time be?

This will depend on size of your goods and method of shipping (by sea/ by air/by Express) and your designated seaport or airport. We will be grateful if you can spare us some minutes to evaluate the cost based on the information of product.

5. Could you please tell me the Warranty Period of your product?

Our warranty period is one year free and lifelong maintenance. If the product is damaged (if not man-made damage), in the first year,we will send free parts for replacement. Over warranty, maintenance is paid service.

6. Do you have Technical Backup to all customers from different countries?

To be sure,our technical support is always available and quick response.
We are manufacturer with much on-site testing experience, thus we know how to deal with your problems. Moreover, our engineers can go to your country to support if needed.


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